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Citromed Avi

Citromed Avi


Beneficial effects: 
* Very good antioxidant, resulting in:
* Reduced susceptibility to disease
* Longer life
* Anti-inflammatory and wound healing
* Against viruses, especially herpes simplex virus
* Works against Trichomonoses

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Scientific research on the efficacy against bacteria and fungi. The results of a study published in the journal The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, USA in 1990. It stated that grapefruitpit extract was effective at concentrations of 0.001% - 2% against Staphylococcus cocci 249 species, 86 species of streptococcal-cocci, 232 species enter cocci, 77 species of enteric bacteria, 86 types of Escherichia coli, klebsiella 22 species, 18 species proteus 71 types of yeast fungi and 22 species of fungi.
Effectiveness of grapefruitpit extract compared with other anti-microbial agents
A microbiological study compared the effectiveness of grapefruitpit extract with standard antimicrobial agents as silver oxide, chlorine, and iodine against Candida, Salmonella, Streptococcus faecium, and Escherichia coli. It was found that grapefruitpit extract was 10 to 100 times more effective than other test means
 Usage 0.5 - 2 ml per liter of drinking water.

Keep out of reach of children.
Pay attention ! When this product gets into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
Not suitable for people.

Instructions: During the flights are 2 to 3 days a week is enough.
Administer day to return 2 ml per liter of drinking water.
2 days a week during breeding and molting.

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