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Dr. Brockamp A.P.F. 90 500g

Dr. Brockamp A.P.F.


Probac A.P.F. 90 by Dr. Brockamp is anabolic animal protein concentrates for racing pigeons

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Probac Protein A.P.F. 90 is an easy-to-digest protein concentrate comprised of various animal protein sources and developed for top athletes. It is characterized by a high degree of pureness as well as an excellent, well-balanced amino acid spectrum with a biological quality rating of 134. A.P.F. 90 is very easily digested and therefore the ideal food supplement during periods of extreme physical stress. Limiting amino acids are complimented in such a way that the nutrient value of food can be optimally exploited and no waste products remain to impair metabolism. These properties make Probac. Protein A.P.F. 90 one of the best protein supplements on the market.

Protein is not only indispensable to life; it is indispensable in raising the performance of top athletes. It provides the body with energy as well as the components for the production and repair of hormones, antibodies and enzymes. To an especially high degree pigeons require protein to develop muscle. A well-thought out feeding programme with A.P.F. 90 conserves the body's own proteins and can reduce the regeneration time after exercise significantly. A.P.F. 90 is ideal as a food supplement to provide for increased protein requirements.

Pigeons get 90% of the energy they need to fly from the metabolism of fat, i.e. the burning of fatty acids. However, about 10% of the energy needed is gained through the metabolism of protein. This protein is derived from the muscle mass of the bird, by which the pigeon loses muscle substance week after week during the racing season. In order to regenerate as fast as possible, the muscles need additional protein. In the racing season muscle growth takes place primarily during the resting phase, i.e. at night. Therefore it is important that the organism receives enough protein. Probac A.P.F. 90 is a natural muscle builder so it has an anabolic effect. It was designed to be slowly absorbed by the organism so that it can provide it with the protein elements, amino acids, over an extended period of time. Recommended is an administration after evening exercise.This ensures that the organism is provided with all of the essential amino acids needed for muscle development.

- Racing season: 1-3 days at the start of the week, depending on the hardness of the las fly.
- Breeding: 2-3 times per week
- Moulting: 2-3 times per week

- 2 teaspoons (20 g) to 500 g food.


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