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Vydex MVS30 200g

Vydex MVS30 200g


Vydex MVS-30: A Broad spectrum vitamin & mineral supplement. High in calcium, Methionine, Lysine, Vitamin E, Plus iron & Zinc

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It prevents vitamin and mineral deficiency and provides important nutritional support during periods of high energy demand. MVS-30 is the ideal supplement for first-class fanciers to ensure the dietary health of their birds during racing and recovery, breeding and moulting.

- Corrects and prevents vitamin and mineral deficiencies
- Very effective in periods of high stress
- During the moulting is essential for a high quality plumage
- Strengthens the chicks and stimulates their growth
- Highly recommended during the racing season
- Rich in calcium and amino acids
- Assist the recovery of the organism after flights

- Contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids rich in calcium and enriched with plant extracts and yeast.
- Vitamin A
- Vitamin D3
- Vitamin E
- Vitamin K
- Vitamin B1
- Vitamin B2
- Vitamin B6
- Vitamin B12
- Vitamin C
- Vitamin H
- Folic Acid
- Niacin
- Cholina
- Calcium
- Phosphorus
- Potassium
- Mineral salts
- Iron
- Zinc
- Manganese
- Selenium
- Copper
- Iodine
- Magnesium

- Wet food 450gr or lemon oil and add 5 grams of VyDex MVS-30 2-3 times a week

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