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Bifs T-Cure

Bifs T-Cure


Bifs T-Cur, a super product in racing pigeons because it adjusts the excess of nutrition which causes the so-called "blue skin and stimulates the performance

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 Removes accumulated toxins in the body throughout the race season
- Very beneficial during moulting
- Protects the liver
- Helps into shape pigeons
- Keeps fit the pigeons for longer
- Helps correct problems supercharger (bluish skin on the breast)

- At the end of the racing season, to remove all the accumulated toxins, apply a treatment of 10 consecutive days, just before the start of moulting
- To correct problems of overeating and excess fat, apply a treatment of 10 days and, if persister the problem, continue until symptoms (bluish skin in muscles) disappear
- As a liver protectant, apply 1-2 times a week
- After periode rest, just before the start of the flights, applying a 10-day treatment
- To keep fit the pigeons during the racing season, 1 time a week
- If a decline in performance is observed flight, apply a treatment for 5 consecutive days

- Dosage: 1 teaspoon per liter of water

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