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Bifs Enterocur 500g

Bifs Enterocur 500g


Bifs Enterocur; (exceptional product to recover the exhausted pigeons after flights

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Enterocur is a natural silicate, finely subdivided in a lamellar structure of exceptional quality.

These extreme small particles have remarkable qualities. Their absorbing capacities are endless compared to the gas present in the digestive system. Enterocur also acts against bacterial agents and toxins which it neutralizes. This absorption is selective. With a normal dose it has, no effect on the nutritional substances such as vitamins and oligo-elements.

Enterocur is the ideal addition to get the tired, exhausted pigeons back in to good form. The digestive system of the pigeon is is stessed during the transport  and during the return flight as well. The formed toxins have to be removed as well as the pathogen germs which may have attacked the digestive system.

Enterocur quickens the elimination of these “disturbing elements” efficiently thanks to its high selective fixative capacity. Moreover, Enterocur is a natural preparation that supplies a gastric mucus layer compound which reduces the intestinal inflammation.

Its use is recommended for the combat against adenovirus infections and infections caused by E-coli and Streptococcus Bovis. Enterocur is especially useful with diarrhoea as it reduces the losses of fluid by forming an intestinal protection layer which not only minimalizes the inflammation but also normalizes the consistency of the faeces.

Enterocur. It is also a nutrient full of oligo-elements which restore the balance and stimulate the tired pigeon. Enterocur fights rachitis and can be served during breeding times.

Preventative and to eliminate toxins, we advise to serve 2 spoonfuls per kg grains at arrival after the race together with 10ml Sb-Special. Repeat this 1 to 3 days according to the tiredness of the pigeon. In case of intestinal problem we advise 1 soup spoon per kg grains together with 10ml Sb-Special during 10 days.

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