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Beyers+ BIOFLORUM Plus Nr.22

Beyers+ BIOFLORUM Plus Nr.22


Beyers  Bioflorum Plus pre-biotics + pro-biotics. Racing Pigeons and Birds Products

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Beyers Plus BIOFLORUM is essential supplementary food for racing pigeons.
It is a unique bowel conditioner and has unique properties as it has been enriched with pre- and probiotics.

BIOFLORUM is rich in vegetable fiber and also contains the right live bowel micro organisms. These administered
intestinal bacteria (probiotics) stimulate healthy bowels as well as general health.

Dextrose is another important BIOFLORUM ingredient. This carbohydrate is a fast acting sugar which is rapidly
absorbed and burnt, resulting in the body being provided with energy exceptionally quickly.

- Recommended product if the pigeons have watery stools
- During the period when young pigeons are being weaned
- During stress situations in the breeding and flying season
- After a period of illness or antibiotics course

Dosage:  20 gr. to a 2 lb. of feed mixed with Energy oil.

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