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DAC CCIE 50 tab

DAC CCIE 50 tab


DAC CCIE 50 Tabs, (combined treatment for coccidiosis, canker, internal-external parasites in pigeons)

Recommended to be used when you weaning Youngsters from the nest.

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DAC CCIE Tabs, top premium quality

             5 in 1 Treatment for Pigeons

For the treatment and prevention of the following diseases:
- Trichomoniasis (canker)
- Coccidiosis
- Hexamitiasis
- Internal parasites (capillary, ascaris)
- External parasites (lice, mites, ...)
- Inflammation of the mucous membranes

- Diclazuril 2.5 mg
- Ronidazole 30 mg
- Ivermectin 0.5 mg

- 1 tablet per pigeon (400-500 g of body weight) directly in the peak
- It must be administered before feeding.
- Drinkers should be removed until 2 hours after treatment
- Give Multivitamins after treatments during 2-3 days

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