• Vydex Protamin Iron & B-12 650g
Vydex Protamin Iron & B-12 650g

Vydex Protamin Iron & B-12 650g


Protamin Iron and B12: Iron is a component of haemoglobin and myoglobin which plays an essential role in oxygen transportation. It is also an essential part of many enzymes which are involved in respiration at the cellular level, for example, the oxidization of nutrients to form chemical energy.


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B12:  A unique feature of Vitamin B12 is that it is the only vitamin that contains a trace element.  The substance named Colbalt is known to be essential for life support.  B12 is known to be a factor relating to fat and carbohydrate metabolism and the production myelin, a component part of nerve tissue.

Vitamin B12 is a co-factor which is part of a number of enzymes involved in the synthesis of amino acids.

Vitamin B12 is not absorbed efficiently from ingested food, unless a protein "essential factor" in the intestine.  This factor is presumed to be responsible for transferring the vitamin across the mucosal membrane.  Failure to absorb B12 due to lack of this essential factor in pernicious anaemia with degeneration of the nervous system.

Protamin Iron and B12 Booster:

B12                  3000.000 mcg/kg

Iron                1,200,000 mcg/kg

Vydex Protamin Iron & B-12
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