• Dr. Brockamp Sedochol 500ml
Dr. Brockamp Sedochol 500ml

Dr. Brockamp Sedochol 500ml


Dr. Brockamp-Probac Sedochol 500ml, A mixture of Methionine, Choline and Sorbitol, to regulate the digestive systemand purifies the blood and liver for racing pigeons.


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- Improved regeneration properties.
- Improved physical performance.
- Promotes the recovery process after strenuous physical exertion.
- During the breeding, ensures higher rate of the eggs hatching.
- Stimulates the growth of chicks.
- Improves the quality of the feathers.

- During and after a race administer 5ml of Sedochol together with 5g A.P.F 90 to 1kg of feed, it helps purify the blood and the liver.

- During breeding and moulting period administer 10ml of Sedochol with 10g of A.P.F 90 to 1Kg of feed.

Dr. Brockamp Sedoch
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