• Rohnfried Energie-Ol 250ml
Rohnfried Energie-Ol 250ml

Rohnfried Energie-Ol 250ml


Multi energy oil for muscle buildup, Lecithin source and an optimal moistener of feed.


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Energy oil is a natural energy supplement from a mixture of complementary, highquality, cold-pressed oils. The fish oil content provides unsaturated fatty acids and the lecithin ensures smooth lipometabolism. The rice germ oil content promotes muscle development.

Feeding recommendation:

During the racing season 1-2 times per week mix 5 ml = 1 capsule with 2 lb. of grain feed. Dry this mixture slightly with RO 200 ready.

Shake well before use.

Storage: Tightly closed, protected from light and not exceed + 25 ° C /77 F 

Rohnfried Energie-Ol 250ml
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