Kastle Pigeon Breeder Advantage 500g


Breeder Advantage helps the chick get a healthy and vigorous start to its life


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Description: Breeder Advantage+ provides the trace minerals Copper, Manganese and Zinc, which birds need to build antioxidant enzymes. Parental diet affects their own gut health and also heavily influences gut health in hatchlings. Chicks receive their first dose of gut microbes from the breeder and its environment. Prebiotics (mannan sugars) and lactic acid bacteria in the Breeder Advantage help the chick get a healthy and vigorous start.

Dosage: Begin using Breeder Advantage+ 4 weeks prior to pairing birds. Using your favorite oil to moisten feed, apply at a rate of 1 tablespoon using the enclosed scoop per 1 pound of feed.

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