• Dosto Oregano Feed Oil 3% 600ml
Dosto Oregano Feed Oil 3% 600ml

Dosto Oregano Feed Oil 3% 600ml


Dosto Oregano feed oil 3%, as the name already says, must only be used via the feed. It is not water-soluble! For sports fans, who prefer use via the feed, Dosto-Oregano Feed Oil 12% is the optimum solution


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 Each drop yields 1 ml. I recommend 5 ml to 2 lb. feed as a normal dosage.

You can optimally bind all powder to the feed with Dosto-Oregan Feed Oil 3%. I give Dosto-Oregano Feed Oil 3% daily combined with Immunol via the feed during the racing season in the first three days after the return. The pigeons are in super shape afterwards. The down falls and round, firm faeces lies in each cell.


4-6ml per 2 lb. of food (one pump stroke corresponds to 2ml) Ingredients
Analytical components:
Raw fat 97,4%, raw ash 0,0%, raw protein 0,0%, raw fiber 0,0%, sodium 0,0%, lysine 0,0%, methionine 0,0%

Rapeseed oil, sunflower oil

Sensory additives per liter:
Mixture of natural aromas 30.000mg (3%)

Close immediately after use (loss of aroma).
Keep dry and cool, but do not store below 10°C.

Dosto Oregano Feed Oil
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